Piers and Jetties

Walk the planks

With water on three sides there are piers and jetties scattered along the western and eastern coastlines of the Mornington Peninsula. Some made of wood, others more modern alongside marinas and yacht moorings. there is even on with an underwater snorkelling trail. Most allow fishing and these waters are bountiful indeed. Top Tip: Make sure to have your own fishing licence if you are an adult.

Rye Pier

If you are a recreational snorkeler, Rye Pier offers beautiful underwater vistas and some of the warmest water in Port Phillip Bay. The water is apporx 6m max in depth. Try to dive at high tide with calm waters for the best scenery.  Under the pier keep your eyes on the pylons for everything from bottom feeding stingrays, seahorses, spider crabs and octopus, through to a range of fish species.  There is also a trail of photographs (known as the Octopuses Garden) attached to the pylons, explaining the various marine life present under the pier.
Under the pier it is predominantly sandy, with small patches of sea grass and once out from under the pier it is pure sand bed as far as the eye can see (underwater).

This is a very popular night diving spot and is easily accessible from the car park (ticket parking during the day, free after 8pm). During a night dive you are likely to see a plethora of squid, some octopus, seahorses and nudibranch. 
Public berthing is available on Rye Pier for up to 48 hours at a time (vessels should be attended). Other restrictions are detailed on Parks Victoria signs

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Point Nepean Road, opposite Napier Street
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Adjacent to the pier