Lindenderry Chicken and Duck Liver Parfait

A light and delicious offering - if you can bear to share it!

With brandy, port and madeira, as well as  both duck AND chicken livers, you are sure to wow your next dinner party with this recipe – if you can bear to share – with this light and luscious Chicken and Duck Liver Parfait from the team at @Lindenderry. 

200g Bacon, diced
400g Onion, diced
100g Shallots
200g White port
200g Madeira
100g Apple brandy
500g Chicken Liver
500g Duck liver
4 Eggs
30g Salt
5g Curing salt
1g Black pepper, ground
1.6g Ground star anise
400g Clarified butter

Preheat a water oven 65 °C. Cook bacon, onions, and shallot until soft. Add white port, Madeira, and apple brandy to the pan and boil for about one minute, stirring occasionally. Turn off heat and let rest for about 10 minutes to infuse flavours. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer and, using a spatula, press down to extract most of the liquid from the strainer. Put liquid into a blender with the livers, eggs, salt, curing salt, pepper, ground star anise. Blend just until smooth—you want to avoid cooking livers during this step. Once thoroughly blended, slowly add butter while continuing to blend to keep the mixture emulsified. Pass the purée through a fine-mesh sieve. It’s important to be speedy so that your spread doesn’t begin to oxidize. Pour into sterilised jars. Place jars directly in a tray filled with warm water to just above the parfait line and cook for 80 minutes. While the paté is cooking, prepare an ice bath to chill them immediately they are removed from the oven.

with crusty local bread

Lindenderry ‘Estate’ Pinot Noir or Lindenderry Pinot Noir Rosé

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