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Staples Apples

Wine Food Farm Gate Staples Apple and Cherry Orchard is a family business in Main Ridge growing apples and cherries.
A modern orchard pleasantly located in Main Ridge.
Specialising in a new and old mix of varieties of quality
apples and cherries. Apples available March to January
seven days a week from the farmgate stand.
Phone to confirm availability July & August.
Cherries available 7 days from December to early
January 10am - 5pm. Pick Your Own NOT available.

  • Special Features:
Our fruit is fresh from the farm and stored for peak freshness at the stand we are located between sunny ridge strawberry farm and horseback winery tours . You can see the trees from the stand and be amazed by the sight of the blossom in spring.
  • Opening Hours:
Farmgate 'stall' open 24/7 March through to January. Cherry Sales 9am - 5pm mid December til mid January at The Shed.
144 Roberts Rd
Main Ridge VIC 3928
Mel Ref:255 B1
Phone: 03 5989 6020
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