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The Mornington Peninsula’s status as a gourmand’s paradise just keeps growing. These days, the coastal region is known as much for its flash wineries and first-rate restaurants as for its seascapes and wild ocean beaches.

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Red Hill Cherry Farm

Wine Food Farm Gate Pick your own cherries at Red Hill Cherry Farm.

Our cherry season starts mid- November and goes through to mid-January. Sour Morello cherries are available from late December to mid-January. Also available for purchase, Cherry Port/Desert Wine so you can enjoy the taste of our cherries all year round.

So come and enjoy the fun of picking fresh cherries from trees that are maintained at a low height so everybody can easily reach them. Enjoy Mother Nature at her best producing beautiful tasting cherries fully ripened on the trees.

Offering pick your own cherries since 1969, Red Hill Cherry Farm is the oldest in the state and are considered an essential visit by both Australian and International Visitors to the Mornington Peninsula. Customers plan their Australian Visit around our cherry season.

We are the oldest Pick Your Own Cherry farm in Victoria. We are working towards being organic. Everything we produce is grown on the property. The trees are grown and kept at a manageable height for pick your own.

  • Special Features:
Enjoy Fresh Cherries. Pick Your Own or buy freshly picked sweet cherries late November to mid January. These cherries are fully ripened on the tree for maximum taste and flavour.

Cherry Beer, Port, Cider, Ice cream, Cordial
You can also buy our unique Cherry Port / Dessert Wine. This will give you the taste of fresh cherries all year round. (no tastings available)

Tart Morello cherries are also available for cooking your pies or making jams.
  • Opening Hours:
Closed - No cherries until mid November 2016
69 Prossors Lane
Red Hill VIC 3937
Mel Ref:190 K6
Phone: 03 5989 2237
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