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Ocean Beaches

Mushroom Reef Beach

Mushroom Reef Beach is on the Bass Strait side of the Flinders headland known locally as West Head. This small beach is black pebbles over white sand set against the black basalt cliffs that stretch to the west towards Cape Schanck.

It is home also to the Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary (80 ha) that extends offshore to the south approximately one kilometre. At high tide the coastline is spectacular but hides the wonders of the offshore reefs. Low tide exposes a huge mushroom-shaped platform with a line of cobbles stretching out to sea, forming the stalk of the mushroom.

The exposed rockpools provide a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn about the amazing diversity of Victoria's marine life - multicoloured cushion seastars, rectangular crabs, colourful anemones and spiralled shells of many shapes and sizes. These are all protected and must only be observed. This area is a protected park and penalties apply if regulations are not followed.

While some more experienced surfers may take advantage of the waves formed around West head, it is important to be aware of the large unexpected waves and tide variances when walking on shore and on rock platforms.

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