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Makers, creators and innovators find their way to our picturesque region. For some it's a short journey; they were born here, for others it's a chance for a sea-change or tree-change. Along the way they collect passionate people around them and work hard to build experiences worthy of making memories. They are inspiring and committed. They work hard to make their dreams come true, and they want to share it with the world. These are our local heroes.

From sunrise to sunset, the Mornington Peninsula delivers wonderful experiences. Sometimes you need the local knowledge to find the extraordinary, and sometimes you think you know them but you can still be surprised. They give you the chance to find something different, try something new, and to share it with others. I AM Mornington Peninsula shares with you the stories of 10 of our local heroes, plus a selection of iconic experiences.

Discover some of the many talented makers, creators and innovators of our region. They give you the chance to find something different, try something new, and to share it with others. The welcome is personal and there is so much heritage and passion to share. I AM Mornington Peninsula helps you to find your way to meet them for yourself.

I AM the story of Searoad Ferries

So; consider that back in the day roads were in a bad state and cars were just A to B transport – a ferry was just another addition to transport. But roads improved, and cars changed dramatically in the way of luxury, safety and entertainment so to continue to be ‘just transport’ the business would not survive. Today Australia’s most popular car and passenger ferry service, Searoad Ferries, connects the Mornington Peninsula to the Bellarine Peninsula and the Great Ocean Road and you’ll find it’s more than just a connection across the bay.

Crossing the bay with Searoad Ferries is your chance to take the ultimate road trip break to connect with each other and nature as you head to your next destination. Stretch your legs and spend 40 minutes hanging out in style rather than getting stuck in traffic and monotony. Sip on a cheeky regional wine or sail with an ale as a stunning backdrop passes you by. Seniors will love the half price travel and Devonshire tea (available Wednesdays in winter) while the top deck impresses with its colourful top deck ‘Yardarm Bar’ (aboard MV Queenscliff) as a fun place to enjoy in summer. Be impressed by how relaxed and refreshed the journey can make you feel and how the mood in your car improves once you reach the other side!


Searoad Ferries have been connecting generations for over 30 years and have always known how to make you feel welcome and cared for at every stage in your journey. The service first began in 1987 with only the MV Princess making a crossing every 2 hours initially planned, however due to popularity by 1993 the well fitted out MV Queenscliff was brought on enabling an hourly service to begin. As history shows they have long been a connector of communities, the bridge between old friends and a uniter of families. It wasn’t long until the MV Sorrento was commissioned which meant both vessels were able to provide a superior service with plenty of seating, a lift allowing access for all and comfortable on-board cafes. Over the years there have been considerable upgrades made to the surrounding infrastructure and reinvestment into the company which enable the team to continue providing the best service and unspoiled experience. The Searoad Ferries team take their responsibility to their customers seriously ensuring their safety, security, reliability and comfort from start to finish. The genuine service delivery is just what they do; staff naturally go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.


A crossing with Searoad Ferries gives you a special chance to sail on the bay. Whatever the weather the views are ever changing, and natural beauty is highlighted which truly delights. Surprisingly wide panoramic views from the huge picture windows and open observation decks mean that you won’t miss a thing that goes by as you look out into the blue-green waters. Some of the spectacular scenery that you can expect to see include lighthouses, superb cliff top mansions along the Sorrento and Portsea coastline and historic forts and boats of all sorts and sizes bobbing along in the bay. Wildlife sightings are also a common occurrence though less predictable than the manmade sights. Pods of dolphins are often a highlight as they live in the bay all year round and love swimming alongside the ferry as if there just for your entertainment. If it’s not dolphins then you might spot seabirds and even whales on occasion. One thing’s for sure, there’s no way the freeway and concrete jungle can compete when it comes to scenery!


Create fond memories that last. Forget the long drive around the bay, the stressful city driving and the “are we there yets” in the back seat as you glide along the water. Locals say, “it makes you feel like you are going on holiday even though it’s the other side of the bay”. The ferry is there for all, from a family with prams to your four-legged canine friends and travellers from around the globe, everyone is welcome. A central lift in the ferry helps weary travellers, foot passengers with bags and those with mobility limitations to access the main lounge area which is fitted out with a range of seating options. Once upstairs, kids enjoy discovering the small playground giving parents a much-needed rest while piping hot coffee and cold beverages lie in wait for the big kids. We’ve said it before and you read it correctly, cold beer and local wine is an option. For groups looking to use the ferry as a floating venue the Portsea Lounge even offers a space that can be used for private and corporate groups of up to 30. Throughout the year special events are held here including decadent high teas, special Captain’s Lunches and brunch on the bay. Passengers say it’s the little things – small touches that make up the experience, for example; the café, small table decorations like seasonal flowers and the friendly smiles from the team no matter what their interaction is.


Over 30 years has now gone into the making of this award-winning tourism experience that continues to evolve with creature comforts and to deliver on quality service. With each crossing a dedicated team works hard behind the scenes to keep things seamless and we must say they ‘take to it like a duck to water’.

While at first glance you may be fooled into thinking that the ferry just connects places, but you very quickly realise the real connection is the people that use and provide the service. Some may come for the convenience, but what keeps people coming back is the positive experience, time to relax with your loved ones and those impressive bay views.


Find Searoad Ferries:

Esplanade Sorrento Pier, Sorrento, Victoria, 3943. Phone: 03 5257 4500


Searoad Ferries: MORE>>



The Mornington Peninsula is a place unmatched in its beauty, diversity of experiences and quality of produce. Here you can discover hand picked, hand made local heroes.


Sometimes you need the local knowledge to find them so “I AM Mornington Peninsula” shares with you the stories of 10 local heroes. Come and meet the talented makers, creators and innovators of our region. The welcome is personal and there is so much heritage and passion. They work hard to make their dreams come true, and they want to share it with the world. “I AM Mornington Peninsula” means that you can find your way to meet them for yourselves.


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