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Short Walks: Under 1 Hour

Sweetwater Creek (Upper) Reserve Trail

Walk Difficulty Sweetwater Creek is a natural waterway running from above Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve to Port Phillip Bay. Upper Sweetwater Creek Reserve provides a bushland corridor along the upper section of the creek from the reservoir to Overport Road. Enjoy the lovely views of the creek as you walk along the tracks through the remnant heathy woodland. There is a large range of plant communities in the reserve, from the moisture and shadeloving plants found by the creek to those which prefer the dry, sandy upper slopes. Along the creek, the vegetation is dominated by Swamp Paperbark with a canopy of Swamp Gums. On the upper slopes, Narrow-leaf Peppermint and Coast Manna Gums provide the canopy sheltering a wide diversity of plants. In the remnant heathy areas, the thick middlestorey, containing mainly Prickly and Heath Tea-tree, is interspersed with Silver Banksia, Wedding Bush and Common Heath, our state emblem. The remnant
grassy areas contain a mixture of grasses, lilies, sedges and rushes. Walk along the Main Track to the Circuit and return to the Heathland Track for a short side tour through the heathland vegetation. Two foot bridges provide access from Sycamore Road and Lawson Avenue, adding an interesting vantage point from which to view the creek. It is a peaceful reserve in which to take a quiet walk, jog or just appreciate nature.

  • Address:
end Jeremy Way Frankston South Victoria 3199
  • Route Information:
One way
  • Start Location:
Jeremy Way Frankston South Victoria 3199
  • End Location:
Jeremy Way Frankston South Victoria 3199
  • Distance:
1.5 KMS
  • Time to Complete:
0.5 HRS
  • Difficulty Rating: