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World Tourism Day - to celebrate, and to dream

In light of commemorating World Tourism Day Sunday 27 September, we take a look at the everlasting charm of the Mornington Peninsula, and what its role might be in our next getaway chapter.

There’s no doubt that tourism is a prominent word in today’s media. For decades, the tourism phenomenon has stood as one of the most important global industries, connecting us to people, places and experiences all around the world. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected this mode of connection, the flame of travel and adventure will continue to burn brightly for society, as we celebrate World Tourism Day on 27 September and anticipate the many journeys to come.

For the Mornington Peninsula, the notion of tourism will continue to mean a lot. As a region that welcomes in thousands of visitors each year, the diversity and abundance of this coastal destination has been able to thrive astronomically, offering countless experiences and the opportunity to create countless memories. To our extensive list of exceptional businesses on the Peninsula, our residents of this inspiring location and our regular or occasional visitors, we say thank you.

Thank you for helping to make this region so special. Thank you for representing our own piece of Australian paradise.

For the moments when we have longed to travel this year, we have often looked to our own memory boxes in comfort and hope. Whether through photos, videos or even just simple reflection, we have been able to relive some of our most cherished vacation sentiments from home, and become inspired for when we can voyage once again.

Now, and to further commemorate World Tourism Day, we look at what a getaway along the Mornington Peninsula will mean for us when possible, and how this journey may be different from last time.

As the glistening treasure of the Mornington Peninsula, the beach scene here has rapidly become one of the most popular and admired in the state. For many of us, the beach has continually represented a site of renewal and rejuvenation; a place to be one with nature. From the serenity and delicacy of Safety Beach to the grandeur of both the Sorrento and Portsea seashores, the potential for a day of complete relaxation within this distinguished region is truly endless.

So, maybe our next journey will be about healing and recovery? Finding those moments to completely unwind and let go of any past negativity or unease. Where we dive into the lapping sea waves and let the natural ocean water refresh our senses. Or where we sojourn on the soft yet supportive sand and breath in lasting emotions of tranquillity and contentment.

As one of the world’s natural beauties, there is something captivating about the beach. And when evening arrives, and a sunset of orange and golden light thrives, the beaches along the Peninsula start to welcome in a calming tide, resetting for the next day that awaits.

Through the quiet backstreets and lively main roads, the calming hills and picturesque plains, the Mornington Peninsula continues to astound with its rich culture of market meandering, shopping and hinterland hiking. There aren’t many opportunities to witness all three of these distinctive experiences in the one location, where the chance for exploration extends for leaps and bounds.

So then, maybe the next journey will centre around the notion of discovery? Where we set out our own path to search and explore, paving the way for both the sentiments of fascination and appreciation. Whether it be taking a wander through the celebrated shopping strip of Cook Street in Flinders or venturing around the Cape Schanck Lighthouse on a scenic stroll, there are countless ways to fulfill the objective of discovery along the Mornington Peninsula.

Here, the concept of spontaneity is key, and will ultimately assist in forming an adventure of surprise and wonder; an experience to always remember.

Continually sparking the interest and acclaim from visitors around the state, the Mornington Peninsula has established an extensive portfolio of businesses which excel in their craft and expertise - from day spa pampering to promoting exceptional local produce, and everything in between. There’s no feeling quite like the one we have when engaging in a new region-inspired experience, learning more about the landscape and environment which surrounds.

So then, maybe the next getaway will more be about indulgence? A time to treat both ourselves and the loved ones around us and enjoy new treatments or tastes along the way. Where we wander amongst the gentle and soothing Peninsula Hot Springs and welcome in the feelings of rest and repose under a canopy of Australian wildlife beauty. Or where we sample local and intelligent flavours at the esteemed Ten Minutes By Tractor whilst appreciating extensive vineyard views and intricate interior designs.

There’s no need for a special occasion to mark the undertaking of these experiences. All that is needed is you, and the desire to be inspired. Simple.

As an additional way to help in celebrating World Tourism Day, take a look at some of our most loved articles and features, unearthing the people and places of the adored Mornington Peninsula.

We cannot wait to welcome you back very soon.

Author: Nick Angus

Melbourne born and bred, Nick has become a passionate advocate for the arts, music and entertainment industries. Valuing spontaneity and adventure, he is always ready for a road trip or getaway along the celebrated Australian coastline.





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