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A Trail of Tremendous Taste

Celebrating both excellence in flavour as well as the Mornington Peninsula’s vibrant and enchanting landscape, the Beer, Cider and Spirits Trail continues to delight and enthuse visitors from Summer through to Spring.

Consisting of 14 destinations and an impressive variety of award-winning drinks and beverages, the Beer, Cider and Spirits Trail offers the perfect chance to rally friends together for a day of drinking and dining or to sip away glorious sunsets alongside a special someone. As it winds its way through the heart of the Mornington Peninsula, the Trail gradually leads to numerous brewers, cider makers and distillers, each promoting a dedication to representing the flavours of the surrounding environment.

Starting from Carrum Downs, one may first stop at Dainton Brewery where the beverages are as rich in flavour and interest as the business’s backstory and development. In 2019, the brewery was awarded Australia’s Best Independent Beer, making it the second time in a three-year period to have won the principal prize. Moving to the quaint area of Somerville, the enticing destinations of both Chiefs Son Distillery and Smart Brothers Brewing now make an appearance, each promoting a passion for their craft and a select number of tasteful sensations. Chiefs Son Distillery was impressively bestowed with two top accolades at the World Whiskies Awards in February this year. Heading back along the Peninsula Link, a turn off at Moorooduc soon leads you to the rustic and relaxed aura of Mornington Peninsula Brewery. Here, an extensive selection of core, seasonal and specialty beers is paired with a contemporary menu of wood-fired pizza as well as local wine and spirits.

Journeying to the centre of the Peninsula, one now has the chance to discover a multiplicity of Trail destinations, each only within kilometres of the other. With a distinct focus on celebrating the Mornington lifestyle, Red Hill Brewery (the original brewery of the region) has become renowned for pairing their beers to the Australian seasons. And if that’s not enough to encourage interest, they even have a self-contained house on site, The Brewer’s Cottage, ideal for a weekend getaway with friends or family. Now time for a refreshing cider to accompany soaking in that summer sunshine, we venture to Hart’s Farm, located within the seaside surfing town of Shoreham. Here the apples are picked, crushed and pressed into a sweet sensation, culminating in a delicate and delightful drinking experience. Hart’s Farm also promotes luxurious on-site accommodation, as well as having multiple notable cider awards to their name.

Stretching to the cusp of the Peninsula along the expanse of Bass Strait, St Andrews Beach Brewery stands on a 38-hecatre property, inclusive of picturesque surroundings of country and coast. Originally the training ground for some of Australia’s most celebrated horses, the brewery has now evolved into becoming a business that’s all about memorable and quality craft beer. Whether this is the first or final stop on the tour of the Trail, this is a must-see for architectural charm…and incredible flavour of course! In 2018, St Andrews Beach Brewery was awarded the Gold Medal for New Tourism Business at the annual Victorian Tourism Awards.

There’s no doubt the Beer, Cider and Spirits Trail continues to provide the flavours of the dynamic Mornington Peninsula, evoking sentiments of inspiration and intrigue along the way. With destinations that promote sophistication, comfort and an appreciation of the region’s rich history, as well as a total of 88 craft beers, 19 ciders and 26 spirits to taste and indulge in, make sure to add this exploratory experience to your next getaway itinerary.

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