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I AM Peninsula Hot Springs

I am water – geothermal with trace minerals. I am a considered natural environment, growing and evolving through thoughtful design, I will continue to surprise you as you explore our space.

I am a destination for discovery – a place where you can just be. I am a place to relax and reconnect. Get lost in my nature, be curious, embrace my cold and escape to my warmth. Through the art of body clay, the sweet hum of frogs, moonlit bathes, or sounds of musicians in my amphitheatre, I am inspiring.

I am sunrises and sunsets seen in new ways, hilltop views and quiet spaces. I am rich in mindfulness, a place to pause and bring balance into your day with Pilates or yoga. I am nourishing, at my heart a food bowl designed to grow seasonal produce, delicious in flavour, to serve and satisfy your hunger.

I am inclusive, a holistic place of wellness for all, mind, body, and soul. I am connections, a place to reconnect with self, friends, family, and loved ones. I am retreat, a space of reimagined relaxation spaces to embrace nature. I am healing, my waters contain magnesium for recovery and rejuvenation. I am flexible, a place to recharge when it suits you. I am welcoming, part of a global community.

I AM Peninsula Hot Springs.




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