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A Season to Explore More

Summertime has arrived, and we are so very excited to see you again.

Here along the Mornington Peninsula, the season of summer offers the chance to be completely indulged, soaking up the everlasting sun during the day before celebrating under a sea of stars at night. With an atmosphere rich in relaxation and adventure, there is no better time to rally friends and family together - for a day trip, overnight visit or lengthened stay - and witness the true excitement this admired coastal oasis offers.

Starting on foot, a walking journey throughout the region is a must-do at this time of the year. And whether venturing on one of the countless trails throughout the Peninsula, or making a stopover at a quaint hinterland market, the limits for a day of pure exploration are simply endless. Maybe you’ll even challenge yourself to the 100km Walk? A rewarding expedition of discovery and wonder throughout some of our most scenic locations.

It goes without saying the beaches along the Mornington Peninsula are some of the most admired in the state (and it’s not hard to see why). Rejuvenating sea waters, picturesque oceanic surroundings and continual burnt orange sunsets on the horizon...need we say more? Take a calming sojourn on the sand with a book in hand, or make a splash with friends around you - we know you want to! Our beaches will forever be some of the region’s most prized treasures, and it's in the summertime where these paradises truly glow.

Moving our adventure back inland, the pick-your-own opportunities which exist between the lush fields and verdant tree canopies are abundant and ready to be experienced. Take a wander through nourished strawberry fields whilst keeping an eye out for the hidden red treats, or maybe even a stroll amidst a charming cherry farm, once again looking for those sweet sensations dangling off the branches. If time is limited, don’t hesitate to visit one of the many farmgates where superb fresh produce, and the growers who make it thrive, awaits you.

Finally, and as one of the most profound attractions to the region, the food and beverage scene represents an unbeatable experience for each and every visitor in the summertime. From boutique restaurants to award-winning wineries and rustic cafes, the taste sensations are truly abundant both along the foreshores and into the farmlands. Don’t forget to also pay a visit to our brewers, cider makers and distillers, where distinctive exploratory (and immensely delicious) experiences can be additionally found.

And so, as we continue the countdown towards Christmas and the New Year, we ask you to make way for new delights, new discoveries and an abundance of unforgettable memories to be made. It’s summertime, after all.

Where will you explore more this summer?



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