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I AM hidden beaches and coastal spots

Summer is the time for catching up with friends and family, sharing adventures and creating lasting memories. We know that with almost ten percent of Victoria's coastline there are adventures a-plenty out there, but now and then you need the inside knowledge to find some of our more interesting and different coastal treasures.

I AM Mornington Peninsula is all about connecting you with some of our special locations, attractions and experiences. We are here to help you to find your way to places that you can share with someone special. To get your new year started, here are 10 of our favourite hidden beaches and seaside spots that are well worth a visit.

Bass Strait coastline

The rugged yet beautiful Bass Strait coastline on the southern side of the region is pounded by strong currents and severe weather systems so there is plenty of chances to feel the wind in your hair. This 35km coastal strip is part of the Mornington Peninsula National Park and while the seas can be rough, the scenery is spectacular with cliff top tracks, magnificent views and surf beaches to discover.

Feel the sand between your toes as you head over the dune and down the track to this wide and long sandy beach. It seems to stretch for miles before you with impressive views along the length of the Bass Strait coastline; perfect for a (very) long walk, great photos toward the Cape Schanck lighthouse, a spot of beach fishing or surfer-watching.     MORE>>

This small but stunning bay lies at the base of impressive 30m high calcarenite bluffs and is surrounded by extensive rock platforms and reefs. Around almost every corner there are great rock formations and views. If you walk east you will find the St Pauls lookout - it was a strategic observation site for the early settlers - that gives stunning views over the aptly named Bay of Islands. Or head west to Jubilee Point for more photo opportunities; this time of views back to Sorrento.     MORE>>


Yes, it was actually named after bushrangers and the only way to get there is to walk, so why not grab your hiking shoes and plan a little hiking trip. Take a friend along the Main Creek route for kangaroo spotting in the late afternoon before making your way down to the bay. The serenity of this white sandy beach is contrasted by dark and brooding basalt headlands and wild waves that often crash onto jagged rocks guarding the entrance to the bay. The wildness is sure to make you feel alive.     MORE>>


This small beach is black pebbles over white sand set against the black basalt cliffs that stretch to the west towards Cape Schanck. Low tide exposes a huge mushroom-shaped platform of the Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary (80 ha) and you can spend hours exploring the exposed rockpools and discovering an amazing treasure trove of marine life; rectangular crabs, colourful anemones and shells of many shapes and sizes.     MORE>>

The Western Port coastline

The pristine waters of Western Port are part of a UNESCO Biosphere reserve; the southern end of the bay offers sandy beaches with quiet coves alongside surf beaches, while the northern area is a unique and significant mangrove area that is critical for fish breeding grounds. It is more peaceful than the Port Phillip side and offers adventures of a slightly slower paced kind.

The view opens up as you come down the path to this wide sandy beach and shares with you Phillip Island just across the water. There are low, vegetated basalt bluffs with extensive inter-tidal rock platforms at each end and some rock reefs offshore so although there can be a strong rip current, the beach is somewhat protected from rougher ocean waves. As one of the Mornington Peninsula's more famous surf beaches there are excellent waves for both beginners and experienced surfers, if you want to give it a try.     MORE>>

Shoreham Beach offers wide stretches of sand, tidal reef flats and views across to Phillip Island. The 700 m long main beach offers good safe swimming with deep water only at high tide, and the shallow Stony Creek at the northern end offers additional fun for the very young. Share a tranquil walk below the rocky cliffs to the larger curved sandy bay known as Shoreham Camping Beach – perfect for writing your name in the sand.     MORE>>

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets on the Mornington Peninsula, this park features extensive walking tracks and boardwalks – perfect for bike riding or walking - through open woodland, coastal heathland, paperbark scrub, saltmarsh and one of the southern-most stands of mangroves in the world. Try to stay quiet as you wind along the boardwalk and keep your eyes open for any of the 110+ bird species.     MORE>>

Accessible only by a short passenger ferry ride from Stony Point, this is an isolated haven of national park, unspoiled beaches, mangrove saltmarsh and open woodlands. You can’t take your car but you can explore on foot or by off-road bike, along some of the whole-day, half-day and shorter walks/rides starting at Tankerton Foreshore Reserve. The island has the densest population of koalas in Australia, so you are sure to make some new friends!     MORE>>

Port Phillip coastline

The majority of beaches of Port Phillip are perfect for swimming and pretty well known, but here’s a couple that you may NOT know of…

Exploring this site gives you an insight into the first attempt to settle Europeans permanently in what is now Victoria at the beginning of the 19th century. The tragic and heroic stories are told through interpretive signage and as you wander there are great views towards Blairgowrie and Arthurs Seat. An added bonus is the Eastern Sisters pathway walk that wraps around the base of the cliffs and links Sullivans Bay to Sorrento.     MORE>>

Your four-legged friends will love the chance to explore this off-leash dog beach where, in 1854, geologist A.R.C. Selwyn found a multitude of fossil evidence of Australian sea life from 10-15 million years ago. Fossil Beach is not a sandy swimming beach but a narrow rocky beach made entirely of burnt orange, rust red and chocolate brown toned rocks - perfect for creating your own rock towers.     MORE>>

The beautiful coastline is one of our hero IAM Mornington Peninsula experiences. Visit our website to discover some of the other talented makers, creators and innovators of our region.

I AM Mornington Peninsula helps you find your way to meet them for yourself.


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