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Day with the Distiller Experience at JimmyRum Distillery

1 May 2021 to 31 August 2021

Interested in learning more about rum and craft distilling or simply want a special gift to someone that loves and wants to increase their knowledge of spirits? The 'Day with the Distiller Experience' at JimmyRum Distillery is the perfect choice!

For $750 per person/day, the Course includes:
- 6-8hr (7am start) session at the JimmyRum Distillery in Dromana with a maximum of 5 other participants

- Topics customised to what you are planning to produce or what your interests are (including but not limited to):
| Fermentation, how temperature, sugar content and time effects your flavor profile
| Distilling, the different methods and the possibilities
| Barrel aging and the interaction of these living breathing barrels can have on your produced spirit
| Bottling and further production insights
| Record keeping, Meeting ATO requirements, etc
| Safety...yes, you are playing with an ethanol plant...there will be a hazardous environment discussion
| Business modelling, the team at JimmyRum Distillery are happy to chat about how they got where they are and give advice on what might suit you
| Sales and marketing...everyone loves to make it, but in the end you still have to sell it. They'll run you through what they've learnt and see how it can be applied to help you
| Where possible, good banter is thrown in for free

- The distiller on site will show you the ropes of making rum and the process that goes into it; you can be as hands on or off as you like

- A behind the scenes walk through and explanation of the distillery, experiencing Matilda, their copper pot still doing her thing, making delicious rum!

- JimmyRum product and other Tastings, lunch & rum based cocktail to finish.

- You'll walk away with a 700ml bottle of the spirit (i.e. Silver) produced on the day, a bit of knowledge about rum and its history.

The 'Day with the Distiller' Experience is a great opportunity for you to learn about distilling in a hands-on way and in a great atmosphere with highly informed and successful Distillers.

JimmyRum Distillery, 6 Brasser Avenue, Dromana, 3936

JimmyRum Distillery
03 5987 3338