02 When we were working on the concept for this magazine we wanted it to celebrate the wonderful place we call home and inspire you to find your way to the perfect visit. welcome The Mornington Peninsula has been Melbourne’s favourite playground for generations — it’s a place where lifelong memories are made. It can be a perfect location for a romantic proposal, a competitive game of beach cricket or a great surfing session. Ask any local and they will tell you that living on the Mornington Peninsula is a true privilege. Our home is unmatched in its beauty, diversity of experiences and quality of produce. We hope that FOUND reminds residents of the many things we can do on our doorstep and encourages those here for a short break or holiday to get out and about and celebrate this wonderful region. We are delighted to bring you the first edition of FOUND. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and wander through the magazine to plan your own peninsula adventures. Find your way