Hello Again

HELLO AGAIN WITH THE ANTICIPATED SUMMERTIME NOW IN FULL SWING, REDISCOVER BOTH THE ALLURE AND BEAUTY OF THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA AS WELL AS COUNTLESS EXPERIENCES TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN. Nestled between verdant hinterlands and enchanting seas, our region encourages an array of activities and pursuits for each and every local and visitor. While this year has truly been like no other, we are beyond excited to be welcoming you back to our own piece of coastal paradise. Where you can say hello again to the gorgeous summertime and simultaneously create new memories to last indefinitely. As part of this liftout guide, we have shared an extensive directory of top experiences offered by the Mornington Peninsula during the esteemed sunlit season. From exploration to relaxation, indulgence to discovery, there are no limits as to where a summertime may take you here. In the mornings when the sun first presents its shine, it’s great to venture on picturesque tours around the region, embracing the splendour and wonder of the surrounding natural landscape. Whether it be on foot or on wheels, a scenic trip around the region is one to continually inspire, often incorporating pit stop highlights of markets, gardens, and national parks. Moving into the afternoon as the summer heat strengthens, the opportune moment to sojourn along the celebrated seashore now arises. As well as promoting both soothing and reviving sentiments, our beaches along the Peninsula are some of the most famous in the state, continually attracting sightseers, surfers and all in between! And when evening arrives, and the pace of the region returns to a comforting stride, one now has the chance to experience a fine or rustic meal amidst distinct coastal ambiences. Our restaurants, breweries and wineries around the region thrive in both fascination and delight, culminating in unbeatable dining experiences that won’t be forgotten soon. As you may have noticed by now, our theme for the 2020/21 summer season is Hello Again! Moving into the New Year, we are so glad to see travel along our treasured Peninsula reignited and revived as well as an abundance of new and existing visitors being warmly welcomed into the region. Summertime on the Mornington Peninsula is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and enticing stages of the year. Now, it’s time to turn the page…who knows where your next adventure will be this summer? It’s been a while