Touring Map 2021

PORTARLINGTON IBBOTSON ST RD THE ESPLANADE RD RD GRASSY POINT HOOD RD ESPLANADE RD RD HARVEY RD BLUFF RD RD THE TOWER BATMAN COATSWORTH RD RD OLD ST LEONARDS MANIFOLD CHURCH RD SOHO RD BECKS RD RD FOUNDS RD Portarlington Indented Head St.Leonards BELLARINE Reserve Wildlife Point Edwards Grassy Point Point George Bay South Red Blu Half Moon Indented Head Duck Island Edwards Point BAY SWAN Prince George Light PENINSULA BBQ BBQ BBQ C126 C125 C123 C125 C125 C125 QUEENSCLIFF BELLARINE HWY SHELL BANKS Railway Tourist BBQ B110 C126 Swan Island Bay Stingaree BBQ Point Lonsdale Lonsdale Bay Shortland Bluff I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Barralliar Island River Point Scrub Point P a s s e n g e r F e r r y P a s s e n g e r F e r r y I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I BBQ BBQ Wauchope (1918) BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ Bathing Boxes Bathing Boxes FWY FRANKSTON MOOROODUC HWY HWY PORT WESTERN SKYE RD ROBINSONS RD ROBINSONS RD WARRANDYTE MC CLELLAND FRANKSTON RD CRANBOURNE PEARCEDALE RD RD CRAIG NORTH RD NORTH RD BROWNS RD THOMPSONS RD HALL RD BALLARTO RD BALLARTO RD RD TOORADIN BAXTER GOLF RD LINKS RD YUILLE VICTORIA RD CENTRE SCOTT RD RD HOMEWOOD RD SMITHS RD CROSS Reserve Flora & Fauna Langwarrin Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria GIPPSLAND SOUTH RD MANKS CLYDE FIVE WAYS RD RD LYNES FISHERIES RD BAXTER TOORADIN RD RD CREEK CANNONS HWY MOOROODUC ( PENINSULA LINK ) HWY HWY NEPEAN HWY PORT WESTERN RD CRAIGIE RD BENTONS MAIN ST DR FRANK STON RD RD HUMPHRIES RD JONES GRANT RD WEST RD ERAMOSA EAST RD ERAMOSA TOORADIN RD TYABB RD FRANKSTON-FLINDERS RD BUNGOWER RD BUNGOWER BUNGOWER COOLART RD RD STUMPY GULLY RD DERRIL TYABB RD MORNINGTON BOES RD DUNNS BAY RD RD KUNYUNG WOORALLA RD PARK LA RD SOMERVILLE LOWER RD BOUNDARY QUEENS RD MC KIRDYS RD WHITNEYS RD O’NEILLS RD PIKES RD GODINGS LODERS RD RD DENHAM BAYVIEW RD Racecourse Mornington Mornington Tourist Railway Reserve Bushland Tyabb CANADIAN RD ADENEYS RD WARNEET C785 C789 C783 C788 C788 C798 C787 C787 C787 C777 C777 C777 C777 RD FREEWAY MOOROODUC OLD HODGINS RD HENDERSONS COOLART RD STUMPY GULLY RD RD BALNARRING BALNARRING RD RD MYERS FLINDERS RD FRANKSTON STONY POINT RD RD DROMANA BITTERN POINT SANDY RD RD MERRICKS STANLEYS RD CREEK RD POINT RD SHOREHAM FLINDERS RD RD FLINDERS RD TUCKS RD SHANDS MAIN RD PURVES RD BROWNS JETTY RD FOXEYS RD DERRIL RD HIGH HUNTS RD TURNERS RD RD TUBBARUBBA WOOLLEYS RD THE ESPLANADE RD DISNEY RD DAVIES RD MYERS RD JUNCTION RD KENTUCKY MERRICKS BEACH RD RD WARRAWEE BARKERS RD WATERFALL GULLY BAYVIEW RD LA HIGGINS RD BALDRYS CREEK HWY HWY NEPEAN NEPEAN NEPEAN HWY PENINSULA MORNINGTON MARINE RD DR FOREST ESPLANADE DUNNS BRUCE RD WALLACES RD EHAM SHOR HILL RED WHITE HILL RD ARTHURS SEAT RD LEO STON FLIND FRANKSTON BONEO RD MORNINGTON LA PUNTY MC ILROYS RD RD COLLINS HARRISONS RD ST WOOD ST COOK RD RD CREEK MUSK RD GRASSLANDS LIMESTONE RD PATTERSON RD HBOWL C PUN RD KEYS MEAKINS RD RD BOUNDARY BONEO RD BROWNS RD RD TRUEMANS RD BROWNS ST DUNDAS RD OLD CAPE SCHANCK WEEROONA ST NEPEAN POINT JETTY RD EASTBOURNE POINT NEPEAN RD POINT RD SCHANCK CAPE BONEO RD RD RD TRUEMANS RD RD SANDY ST DUNDAS RD MELBOURNE MELBOURNERD RD HOTHAM RD RD STO LIM RD BROWNS DR TASMAN JETTY WOOD RD ST JOHNS ST RD PAULS RD HUGHES BEACH RD OCEAN RD BRIDGE LONDON RD BEACH BACK RD CANTERBURY RD RD RD LORDSOMERS BEACH RD BALNARRING RD CAMP HILL RD NE E A780 A780 M11 M11 M11 M11 B110 B110 B110 B110 M11 M3 M420 RD TUERONG GR RD AYDENS RD RD GRAYDENS RD RD RD BEACH SOUTH RD WATTS PDE REID PDE MARINE BAY RD RD EASTLINK RD SAGE EXIT 15 EXIT 14 EXIT 14 EXIT 13 EXIT 13 EXIT 12 EXIT 11 EXIT 11 EXIT 15 RD SOUTH RD 1 4 3 C786 C777 C777 C784 C784 C781 C404 C407 C781 C782 C784 C782 BOYDS RD ERS RD FRANK NEPEAN RD SAFETY BEACH FOSSIL BEACH MILLS BEACH SUNNYSIDE BEACH MOONDAH BEACH WOOLLEY BEACH JACKS BEACH SOMERS BEACH PT LEO SURF BEACH BALNARRING BEACH WESTERN PORT BASS STRAIT PORT PHILLIP MERRICKS BEACH SHOREHAM BEACH FINGAL BEACH OCEAN BEACH CHEVIOT BEACH KOONYA BEACH PEARCES BEACH NUMBER 16 BEACH SORRENTO BACK BEACH PORTSEA SURF BEACH RYE OCEAN BEACH ST ANDREWS BEACH GUNNAMATTA SURF BEACH Martha Point Schnapper Point Long Island Point Sandstone Island Crib Point Sandy Point Point Leo West Head Reservoir Devilbend Inlet Watson Creek Balcombe Creek Main Reservoir Frankston Long Island Observatory Point Point Franklin Balcombe Point FISHERMAN BEACH Davey Point White Cliffs Palmer Bluff Honeysuckle Point Stony Point The Blowhole Picnic Point Kennon Cove Point King The Sisters Jubilee Point Diamond Bay and Bay of Islands ST PAULS BEACH Pelleys Point Sphinx Rock Koreen Point Bridgewater Bay Boag Rocks London Bridge Camerons Bight Island Quail Dromana Bay Balcombe Bay Canadian Bay Daveys Bay Hastings Bight Hanns Inlet Flinders Bight CairnsBay Simmons Bay Bushranger Bay THE RIP PORT PHILLIP HEADS MARINE NATIONAL PARK PORT PHILLIP HEADS MARINE NATIONAL PARK PORT PHILLIP HEADS MARINE NATIONAL PARK MUSHROOM REEF MARINE SANCTUARY Mud Islands Inlet Rutherford Bight Blind Island Chinaman The front beaches are great for swimming The back beaches are great for surfing The back beaches are great for surfing The front beaches are great for swimming The front beaches are great for swimming Rosebud Dromana Mornington Hastings Frankston Crib Point Sorrento Portsea Rye Cowes South Langwarrin Frankston South Capel Sound (West Rosebud) Safety Beach Moorooduc North Merricks South Red Hill Boneo Fingal St Andrews Beach Pearcedale Baxter Beach Mount Eliza Mount Martha Red Hill Seat Arthurs Ridge Main Bittern Tuerong Tyabb Somerville Somers Merricks Balnarring Point Leo Shoreham Blairgowrie Point Nepean Tankerton Flinders Carrum Downs Patterson Lakes Warneet Creek Cannons Cape Schanck Queenscliff BELLARINE PENINSULA PHILLIP ISLAND FRENCH ISLAND South Langwarrin South Cranbourne Cranbourne Cranbourne North Cranbourne West Cranbourne East Clyde Pearcedale Langwarrin Carrum Downs Patterson Lakes Warneet Creek Cannons Clyde North Gunnamatta Seaford Carrum S ST Red Rocks Pt 3 Walking Track Two Bays Point Nepean National Park Mornington Peninsula National Park (Greens Bush) Fingal Picnic Area Picnic Area Main Creek & Homestead Wetlands Coolart Reserve Flora Main Ridge Beacon Popes Eye SS Cheviot (1887) Prohibited Area HMAS CERBERUS Prohibited Area HMAS CERBERUS Monash Light Cheviot Hill Angel Cave Formosa (1869) Sierra Nevada (1887) Light Wedge South Channel Fort Bay Lighthouse Chinaman’s Hat Craigburn (1891) Vehicular & Passenger Ferry Q u e e n s c l i f f - S o r r e n t o Ferry State Park Arthurs Seat State Park Arthurs Seat Falls Kings Reserve Bunguyan Airfield Western Port Historic Park The Briars Park Baxter Passenger Ferry Car & Passenger Ferry Nature Reserve Quail Island BALCOMBE ESTUARY BOARDWALK ESPLANADE COASTAL DRIVE RED HILL RAIL TRAIL PENINSULA LINK TRAIL BAY TRAIL TWO BAYS WALKING TRACK ARTHURS SEAT LOOP SCENIC DRIVE THE FLINDERS HINTERLAND SCENIC DRIVE THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA WALK THE COASTAL WALK FROM GREAT OCEAN ROAD EASTLINK FROM PHILLIP ISLAND POINT NEPEAN WALKS DEVILBEND NATURE FEATURES RESERVE BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ 4 12 61 35 82 62 2 1 54 108 85 37 64 86 3 126 5 33 8 21 112 130 47 79 141 140 46 7 25 11 76 23 9 75 53 70 65 84 50 16 17 73 10 30 125 115 116 68 69 22 71 72 24 93 13 14 15 18 87 59 19 42 78 31 20 26 27 52 107 29 28 105 104 149 109 34 36 38 97 134 99 100 58 39 41 56 40 43 44 48 101 96 51 55 102 138 135 124 148 120 122 123 77 57 60 63 67 74 80 81 83 88 89 90 91 92 94 111 142 113 114 117 119 118 121 127 128 133 129 110 136 145 131 137 139 143 147 106 144 32 95 6 98 45 66 49 146 132 103 Mornington - Hastings Mornington - Rosebud Mornington - Portsea Mornington - Cape Schanck Mornington - Flinders Dromana - Arthurs Seat Arthurs Seat - Red Hill Rosebud - Portsea Rosebud - Flinders 20min 25min 43min 38min 34min 5min 7min 16min 22min 8min 36min 40min 29min 29min 10min 23min 14min 1hr 1hr 25min Rye - Sorrento Portsea - Flinders Sorrento - Queenscliff (via ferry) Flinders - Hastings Dromana - Hastings Hastings - Stony Point Frankston - Hastings Frankston - Mornington Mornington - Melbourne Mornington - Cowes Plan your trip AUSTRALIA VICTORIA MELBOURNE MELBOURNE PORT PHILLIP - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X There is so much more to explore on the Mornington Peninsula. 1 & Gallery Australia F13 2 Alba Themal Springs & Spa J15 3 Arakoola Studio R13 4 Arthurs Seat Eagle M13 5 Banks Brewing Q3 6 Bass & Flinders Distillery N12 7 Bay Views Golf Course L14 8 Bayside Centre Q4 9 Beleura House & Garden O7 10 Benton Rise Farm R10 11 Blue Mini Eatery Emporium & Events K14 12 Boathouse Resort G14 13 Boneo Discovery Park K16 14 Cape Schanck Lighthouse and Museum K13 15 Carmel at Sorrento F13 16 Centenary Park Golf Course R3 17 Chief’s Son Distillery S7 18 Cocoa Rouge Chocolaterie P13 19 Crittenden Estate O12 - Lakeside Villas At Crittenden Estate 20 Cruden Farm S4 21 Dainton Brewery & Taphouse R2 22 Dromana Estate P9 23 Eagle Ridge Golf Course J15 24 Elan Vineyard & Winery Q11 - Elan Vineyard & Gallery 25 Elements Eatery K14 26 Enchanted Adventure M13 - Tree Surfing at Enchanted Adventure O18 27 Everywhen Artspace 28 Fairways Resort K14 29 Flinders Hotel O18 - The Deck Bar & Bistro - Zigis Bar 30 Food Yard @ Mornington Station O8 31 Foxeys Hangout O13 32 Frankston Art Centre Q4 33 Frankston Brewhouse Q4 34 Georgie Bass Cafe & Cookery O17 35 Go Coastal Holiday Rentals H15 36 Gordon Studio Glassblowers P13 37 Green Box Eco Shop F13 38 Green Olive at Red Hill N14 39 Hart's Farm N15 40 Hawkes Farm K16 41 Heronswood House & Garden L13 42 Hickinbotham of Dromana O11 43 Hotel Sorrento F13 44 Jackalope Hotel Q12 - Doot Doot Doot - Rare Hare 45 Jetty Road Brewery M12 46 JimmyRum Distillery N12 47 Kangerong Holiday Park M12 48 Lancemore Lindenderry Red Hill O13 49 Le Capucin E13 50 Locked in Escape Rooms P8 51 Mantons Creek N15 52 Manyung Gallery Flinders O18 53 Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza P6 4 Manyung Gallery Sorrento F13 55 Max's Restaurant O15 56 McCrae Homestead and Museum L13 57 M rricks General Wine Store Q14 58 Mock Red Hill N14 59 Mont Rouge Estate P13 60 Montalto O15 61 Moody's Motel G14 62 Moonlight Bay Apartments I14 63 Moonlit Sa ctuary Wildlife Conservation Park U6 64 Moonraker Dolphin Swims F13 65 Moorooduc Station Market Q7 66 Mornington Boat Hire N7 67 Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery O18 68 Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery O8 69 Mornington Racecourse Market P8 70 Mornington Tourist Railway Q7 71 Mt Martha Public Golf Course O10 72 Mt Martha South Beach Market N9 73 Mulberry Hill R5 74 Naturaliste Tours W13 75 Norwood House P7 76 Olieve & Olie K15 77 Paringa Estate O14 78 Peninsula Fresh Seafood N11 79 Peninsula Gourmet Co M13 80 Peninsula Hot Springs I16 - S pa Dreaming Centre - Stay at the Springs 81 Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club Accommodation R3 - Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club 82 Penni Ave Distillery H15 83 Peppers Moonah Links Resort J16 - Pebbles Restaurant and Spike Bar - Peppers Moonah Links Golf 84 Phaedrus Estate R8 85 Point Nepean Portsea Market D13 86 Polperro Dolphin Swims F13 87 Polperro Winery O13 88 Port Phillip Estate P13 - Port Phillip Estate Luxury Accommodation 89 Portsea Golf Club E13 90 Portsea Village Resort E13 91 Pt. Leo Estate Q15 - Pt. Leo Restaurant - Pt. Leo Estate Sculpture Park - Laura at Pt. Leo Estate 92 Pure Peninsula Honey Q8 93 Quealy Winemakers R12 94 RACV Cape Schanck Resort K18 - Cape - One Spa - RACV Cape Schanck Resort Golf 95 Rain Hayne & Shine Farmyard R11 96 Red Gum BBQ O14 97 Red Hill Brewery O14 - The Brewer's Cottage at Red Hill Brewery 98 Red Hill Candle Co N12 99 Red Hill Cellar & Pantry K14 100 Red Hill Cherry Farm O14 101 Red Hill Community Market O13 102 Red Hill Estate O15 103 Rhino Tiger Bear M12 104 Ripe 'n' Ready Cherry Farm O13 105 Rosebud Country Club K14 106 Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne V3 107 RT Edgar Short Stay - Flinders O17 108 RT Edgar Short Stay - Portsea E13 109 Rye Beachside Apartments I14 110 Rye Hotel I14 111 Searoad Ferries F13 112 Sk8house R2 113 Smart Brothers Brewing S7 114 Somerville Egg Farm R7 115 Soul Night Market Mornington O8 116 Squires Loft O7 117 St Andrews Beach Brewery J16 118 St Andrews Beach Golf Course J16 119 St Andrews Beach Golf Course Apartments J16 120 Staples Apples N15 121 Stumpy Gully Vineyard & Restaurant Q9 122 Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm N15 123 T'Gallant Winemakers N15 124 Talking Hens Q14 125 Tar Barrel Brewery & Distillery O8 126 That Spirited Lot Distillers Q3 127 The Baths F13 128 The Briars O9 129 The Continental Sorrento F13 - I nterContinental Sorrento Mornington Peninsula - Audrey’s - A urora Spa 130 The Dromana 3 Drive In N12 131 The Dunes Golf Links I15 - Links Lodge at The Dunes 132 The Factory Antique Market N12 133 The Mount Martha Briars Market O9 134 The Red Hill Baker O14 135 The Red Hill Baker Balnarring R13 136 Timeout Fishing Charters I14 This map has been produced by Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism. Every effort has been made to include correct information at the time of printing, however confirmation with each business is recommended prior to travel. Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism Board acknowledges and pays respect to the Bunurong/BoonWurrung people, the Traditional Custodians of these lands and waters. Walking Tracks Bike Tracks Scenic Drives Patrolled Beaches Boat Launching Ramp Toilets Barbecue Facilities Picnic Area Visitor Information Car Parking Scenic View/Lookout Shipwreck Site Parks/Reserves Freeways Minor Sealed Roads Local Sealed Roads Peninsula Link Major Sealed Roads Minor Unsealed Roads Walk Tracks 137 Torello Farm N12 138 Tucks O15 139 Tully's Corner Produce Store P7 140 TWØBAYS Brewing Co N12 141 Victorian Yacht Charters M12 142 WaterMaarq F13 143 Weeroona Bed & Breakfast Rye I15 144 Western Port Ferries U13 145 Whitecliffs to Camerons Bight Foreshore Reserves H14 146 Wild Adventures Melbourne L13 147 Yabby Lake Vineyard - Cellar Door & Restaurant P9 148 Yal Yal Estate Q14 149 Yaringa Lodge M13 Our destinations are unforgettable in all seasons, each and every visit will leave you wanting more. PLACES TO UNWIND, RELAX AND RETREAT. 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