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Carmela's Cucina Class

Join award-winning international Sicilian Chef Carmela D’Amore in a private Sicilian masterclass.

To Carmela, cooking is much more than simply following a recipe. The ‘Art of Cooking’ is an experience that binds a family together, uniting people as one at the end of the day with a meal that has been lovingly prepared.

Whether an experienced chef or a novice, each participant will learn something within Carmela’s Cucina Class, and most likely it will be about themselves, not just the food.

While Carmela’s Cucina Class allows you to cook in a commercial kitchen, you will undoubtedly understand how to create authentic Italian dishes that can be recreated in your own kitchen for your loved ones.

Carmela offers a true hands-on experience, where you will feel the Sicilian culture flowing through the room and into the food. The Sicilian Master Class offers high value and a lot of information in a personal, private and intimate setting – only two people per class.

With lots of love, laughter, great food, and of course good wine, Carmela’s Cucina Class is no ordinary cooking class, it is a cultural experience not to be missed.

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