Ocean Beaches

A more rugged coast

The coastline on the southern side of the Mornington Peninsula is pounded by the strong Bass Strait currents and severe weather systems. This notorious stretch of water has been the doom of many ships and hundreds of wrecks litter this section of coast.  While the seas can be rough and the rips dangerous, the scenery is spectacular and for experienced surfers, there is nothing like it.

Bushranger's Bay
The beautiful Bushrangers Bay comprises of a sandy beach surrounded by basalt cliffs. This serene location is contrasted by dark and brooding headlands and wild waves that often crash onto jagged rocks guarding the entrance to the bay.
Diamond Bay
Diamond Bay is an ocean beach surrounded by impressive sandstone cliffs. The site is a popular location for surf fishing as is slightly more protected than other areas of the coast with extensive rock platforms. This stunning area of sand is lying at the base of 30 m high calcarenite bluffs. They are fronted by a reef and rock dominated surf zone.
Southern Peninsula
Flinders Pier
The Flinders Pier is located at the point where Western Port meets Bass Strait. It has great views across Western Port to Phillip Island. The Flinders Pier is 250 metres (820 ft) long that juts out from the protected beach, and is sheltered from the waters of Bass Strait by West Head. This area is popular for sailing, fishing, and other watersports.
Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary
Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary (80 ha) is located in Flinders. The sanctuary encompasses Mushroom Reef and extends offshore to the south for approximately one kilometre,At high tide the coastline is spectacular but hides the wonders of the offshore reefs.
St Andrews Beach
Located 87km from Melbourne, St Andrews Beach is a tiny coastal village nestled among the sand dunes facing the wild waters of Bass Strait. It forms part of of a 35 km continuous stretch of beach that runs from Cape Schanck to Portsea. It’s a popular surf location with many good breaks that attracts surfers all year round.
Southern Peninsula