Beer Cider & Spirits

Tap into Victoria’s most vibrant beer, cider & spirits scene

Meet the new generation of brewers, up close and where they practice their craft. Whether you like a Pale Ale, a Lager, Brown Ale or an IPA, you will find one to sate your thirst. Discover classic, sweet and dry ciders and spirits rich in botanicals. Follow our “Beer, Cider & Spirits Trail” and sip your way through the home grown flavours of the Mornington Peninsula. 

Each offering has its own style but they all share the common bond of a great brew and a love for the Peninsula. Never before has there been so much opportunity to try a nice cold locally crafted beer, cider or spirit. Plus they deliver family friendly, inviting places to kick back and enjoy with friends.  With every taste you will get to know the Mornington Peninsula a little better.

Move over wine buffs, the Mornington Peninsula is now an exciting region for cider, ale and artisan spirit makers.  There are ales aplenty, including India Pale Ale, Brown, Witbier and Porter, along with specialty beers that change with styles and seasons. Then there’s Summer Ale, Pilsener, Irish Stout, even a beer brewed at wine strength (not for the faint hearted – nor for those driving). Drop into a local brewery and start your beer browsing. There’s plenty of cider to taste too, including traditional apple cider and if you’re a new wave gin drinker, have a hands-on experience at a distillery, producing your own special gin with infused botanicals.

Meet the Brewers, Cider-makers and Distillers...