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Wine Food Farmgate Trail

Find Mornington Peninsula wineries, farm produce, restaurants and more

One of life's greatest pleasures is the Mornington Peninsula - a place where you can eat, drink, forage, shop, learn, and tour. Wine Food Farmgate reveals the Mornington Peninsula’s most delicious secrets. How do you get a sensational seasonal snapshot of the Mornington Peninsula? Just follow the Mornington Peninsula Wine Food Farmgate trail, where you can eat, forage, sip, shop, learn and tour the very best of this region.

Just drive through our region, and the Peninsula's love affair with wine, fresh produce, seafood and bountiful food on the table is quickly revealed. Taste it, sip it, pick it, catch it, take it home with you. Summer brings berries and cherries, while autumn is time for apples and pears.  In winter, forage through the hinterland for seasonal produce, warm up with a meal beside a roaring fire or enjoy your favourite tipple overlooking glorious countryside. Stride out on a beach walk then reward yourself with hot soup or a woodfired pizza and a glass of red wine in a seaside village. Return in the Spring for crisp, fresh vegies and cherry blossom. 

You will find many wine, food and farmgate experiences hidden away throughout the Mornington Peninsula. You just need to know where to look. To help you discover them, we've brought the finest together to create the Mornington Peninsula Wine Food Farmgate Trail.

Download our Wine Food Farmgate Trail Map here, or our seasonal produce calendar here.

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Fresh winter produce from the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is blessed with a cool climate, made so because of the influence of our surrounding marine environment which makes our soils rich in nutrients and the ideal growing environment for farm fresh produce. So what produce will be fresh this winter gracing farmgate stalls and on the menu of many of our great cafes and restaurants this season? We have selected a few of our locally grown staples that will be available and on menus for you this winter.


Victoria is a major producer of apples, with 43% of all Australian apples grown in the state. And apples have long been a mainstay of the Mornington Peninsula, with apple orchards first established in the area well over 100 years ago! With many orchards still in operation, the region is best known for its Fuji and Pink Lady apples. 

Apples are perfect for winter desserts, with nothing better on a chilly night than finishing a meal with a delicious apple pie or crumble.  Download our favourite apple pie recipe here


The humble spud is a staple in many households, due to it’s countless uses. It’s also the perfect winter produce – who doesn’t love hot chips or a creamy mash on a cold winter’s night? Apart from being incredibly versatile, they also packed full of potassium and fibre.

While potatoes can be grown multiple months of the year, they really come into their own in winter. The Mornington Peninsula is known for some of the more niche potato varieties, including the Kipfler.  You will find the Kipfler grown here on the Mornington Peninsula gracing the plates of many dishes in restaurants across Victoria. 


One of the most vibrant pieces of winter produce is beetroot. Preferring a cool climate, they are planted in autumn, then ready for harvest in winter. Apart from being incredibly tasty, they are jam-packed full of health benefits, making them a great winter immunity booster. They are incredibly versatile, delicious as a side for a hearty winter roast, or a topping on a tasty woodfired pizza. And are you even Australian if you don’t have beetroot on a burger? 

Many growers on the Mornington Peninsula produce beetroot. If you take a wander through the markets, you’re sure to find beetroot chutney or relish. The perfect addition to a cheese platter, a glass of Mornington Peninsula red, and a roaring fireplace. 


The humble broccoli is another veggie that thrives in the cool climates, ready to harvest in the winter. Best known for its health benefits, it also makes a great side dish. Don’t be fooled by the boiled broccoli of the past, fresh broccoli prepared properly raises a good meal to a great meal. 

Broccoli is delicious when included in warming winter soups and pastas. A winter roast is also incomplete without broccoli and cheese sauce! 

Mushrooms & Truffles  

Mushrooms and truffles are both part of the fungi family, and truffles are in fact mushrooms that have decided to grow underground. Mushroom farming started in Australia in the early 1930s but didn’t really take off until the 1960s. We are spoilt on the Mornington Peninsula to now have high-quality, gourmet truffles and mushrooms grown and supplied locally. The climate in the region is particularly good for truffles. They need warm summer months and cold winters to flourish. 

Winter is also the perfect time to forage for truffles, with the hunt for “black gold” being part of the thrill. They are extremely rare, making them a choice ingredient for fine dining dishes. 

Mushrooms are an incredible superfood, being another of those magic foods to help boost your immunity during winter. And they taste amazing on pizzas, in pastas, or just grilled on their own. 


Wine Food Farmgate reveals the Mornington Peninsula’s most delicious secrets.  It is here you will discover handpicked, hand caught and handmade delights.  Explore the farmgates, cafes and restaurants where you can experience the flavours of the Mornington Peninsula

Download your free produce calendar to see what you can find all year round

And then there is the growing art scene, fantastic walks, beautiful beachestowns and villages. With so much more to explore, why wait?

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