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Wine Food Farmgate Trail

Find Mornington Peninsula wineries, farm produce, restaurants and more

One of life's greatest pleasures is the Mornington Peninsula - a place where you can eat, drink, forage, shop, learn, and tour. Wine Food Farmgate reveals the Mornington Peninsula’s most delicious secrets. How do you get a sensational seasonal snapshot of the Mornington Peninsula? Just follow the Mornington Peninsula Wine Food Farmgate trail, where you can eat, forage, sip, shop, learn and tour the very best of this region.

Just drive through our region, and the Peninsula's love affair with wine, fresh produce, seafood and bountiful food on the table is quickly revealed. Taste it, sip it, pick it, catch it, take it home with you. Summer brings berries and cherries, while autumn is time for apples and pears.  In winter, forage through the hinterland for seasonal produce, warm up with a meal beside a roaring fire or enjoy your favourite tipple overlooking glorious countryside. Stride out on a beach walk then reward yourself with hot soup or a woodfired pizza and a glass of red wine in a seaside village. Return in the Spring for crisp, fresh vegies and cherry blossom. 

You will find many wine, food and farmgate experiences hidden away throughout the Mornington Peninsula. You just need to know where to look. To help you discover them, we've brought the finest together to create the Mornington Peninsula Wine Food Farmgate Trail.

Download our Wine Food Farmgate Trail Map here, or our seasonal produce calendar here.

Discover wine food farmgate


Top 5 swimming beaches for summer

Warm sun shining days will always pose the ideal opportunity for a beach swim and rejuvenating sea bathe. And along the Mornington Peninsula, we have numerous destinations to suit this popular and alluring summertime pursuit. Explore more of our celebrated beach scene, and uncover your next getaway stopover:

Blairgowrie Beach

With the additional perks of a 200-metre long jetty, boat ramps and designated camping area, Blairgowrie Beach offers a multi-faceted seaside experience, reinforced by exceptional oceanic views. Shallow sand flats and sand bars make this oasis perfect for those seeking a relaxing paddle or splash.

Mills Beach

Combining shallow waters, a golden stretch of sand and beach boxes that pop in both colour and curiosity, Mills Beach is a treasure trove of coastal delight. A grassy picnic area encapsulated by native Australian flora makes for an undeniably pleasant stay for those who visit. 

Mornington Life Saving Club has one Mobichair available to use in the water at Mills Beach, on weekends during the patrol season and between the flags. To find out more about this service click here

McCrae Beach

Sojourn on the soft white sand before taking a dip in refreshing and calming waters...that sounds like the perfect plan here at McCrae Beach. With cafes across the road and the 28km Bay Trail walking track only steps away, it’s no surprise this beach has become a go-to swimming spot for visitors both new and existing.

Seaford Beach

The epitome of the coastal lifestyle, Seaford Beach is home to those sun-soaked day trips with friends, family and special someone’s. Between crystal clear waters, neighbouring shops and restaurants and a vantage point where burnt orange sunrises and sunsets are truly spectacular, this slice of paradise awaits everyone who seeks pure bliss. An impressively refurbished pier and adjacent Seaford Foreshore Reserve add even more splendour to this hidden seaside gem.

Rye Front Beach

Extending the entire length of the town’s borders, Rye Front Beach represents a place of complete serenity; somewhere to unwind and rejuvenate. Particularly popular during the holiday season, there are numerous marine opportunities on offer - from snorkelling to fishing - as well as an adjoining camping reserve fit for a family adventure. Take a gentle stroll as a warm summer sun makes its presence, or maybe stop over at a nearby cafe and refuel for an afternoon of carefree leisure; the opportunities are endless.

And so, at which of the Mornington Peninsula’s most prized swimming beaches will you make your first stop? (Psst! There’s no right answer here, you’ll be delighted whichever way you choose!)

To explore more of our cherished beaches, click through to the link here.