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Diving & Snorkelling

Diving and snorkelling - an ideal marine playground.

The crystal-clear waters, sandy shores and sheltered bays make the Mornington Peninsula an ideal underwater playground for novice snorkellers through to the most adventurous scuba divers.

A marine wonderland: each experience offers diversity and colour, the changes in seasons bringing new experiences of marine life with each visit. In autumn thousands of spider crabs converge in the bay, while in spring and early summer observe the male weedy sea dragons using their tails to carry their precious eggs. Try a night dive or snorkel and witness the nocturnal sea animals that come out to play and feed when the sun goes down. Under Rye and Portsea Pier find front row seats to intriguing creatures such as delicate dumpling squid, octopus and garfish.

Mornington Peninsula provides the resting place for more than 60 shipwrecks, many of these vessels were claimed in the 19th century by the infamously treacherous rip at the entrance to Port Phillip. These vessels have in cases become artificial reefs, magnets for new marine life. Take a diving safari through towering kelp beds or try the Pope’s Eye, an artificial reef built in the 1880s. Explore Chinaman’s Hat with its noisy population of animated fur seals or perhaps explore the Sorrento back beach or the Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary at Flinders.

Bring your own gear or join local experts to be fitted out to share the hidden secrets of this truly magical underwater region.