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O.T. Dam Circuit Walk

Walk Difficulty A 3 km circuit in tranquil bushland including Eucalyptus forests and with a boardwalk around O.T. Dam. The walk is well sign posted and borders the Hillview quarry.

The history of the OT dam is a bit confusing because there are two separate companies involved with similar names.  The OT Company belonged to John Dixon of Prahran.  The OT Company initially grew tomatoes on the site to the south of Boundary Road and transported them to Prahran for making into sauce while waiting for passionfruit vines to establish.  The OT company also made cordials and ended up owned by Dicksons who were part of the Coca Cola Company who manufacture Passiona.  

Information from D&DHS resources says that the main OT dam was built in 1934 by horse drawn scoops with stone being carted for the wall/bank.  It was built by local men employed the OT Cordial Company (later to become Kia Ora Cordials) for irrigation purposes.  Two dams were constructed the larger one in the timber above the property and a smaller one nearer Boundary Road (near where Collins Road is located).  They made a cordial called OT with chillies which is where the name OT came from.  The business closed in the early 1940's probably due to lack of manpower due to the war.

There were additional passionfruit vines grown for Passiona around the Harrison Rd, Dromana Secondary school area. Trofeo Estate in Harrisons Road is now in the old Passiflora factory building.  This company was owned by the William Crosby company.  Passila was the brand name of the cordial made there from the passionfruit grown on the property.  The passionfruit vines apparently began dying due to ploughing between the rows affecting the root systems of the vines.  It is believed that passionfruit were brought in from Western Australia to make up for the loss of local fruit.  Production eventually ceased in 1941.

  • Start/Finish:
This walk starts at Arthurs Seat Road (400 metres west of Main Creek Road)
  • Distance:
3 km
  • Parking Access:
Parking available on Arthurs Seat Road (400 metres west of Main Creek Road) and at the reserve in Boundary Road.
  • Difficulty Rating:
  • Options:
An alternative walk to the O.T. dam starts from the reserve opposite the shops in Boundary Road, Dromana.
This part of the track is very steep in places but quite wide. It is possible to walk through to Eatons Cutting if you arrange a car parked at the top end.