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The beauty of Red Hill

The homely area of Red Hill is one of the many towns scattered along the Mornington Peninsula. It is an unassuming gem, and part of its appeal lies in its location.

Tucked away in the hinterland, Red Hill offers a unique experience compared to towns like Portsea or Rosebud, which lie directly on the coast. Its soil has led to the growth of produce, wineries, and scenic walking adventures. On your trip to Red Hill, you are guaranteed indulgence and luxury, combined with enough dirt, grit and exploration to keep you entertained. For over 100 years, apple orchards have been at the heart of Red Hill, and they have left their mark on the town today.


Red Hill offers a large array of food options. If you are looking to treat yourself, fine dining restaurants are there to accommodate. If you're seeking somewhere to nibble casually with friends, local cafes are at your service. There's even a grocer if you feel like picking up some fresh fruit and veg on your way through the village. Another alternative is venturing to one of the many wineries and estates nestled into the area. What's better than tucking into a replenishing meal and finishing it off with a complimentary wine?


Whether it's the signs perched alongside the road on your way into Red Hill, or the many farm gates located in the streets of the village, it's no secret that fresh and local goods are at the heart of the area. Fresh eggs, raw honey, and farm gates scattered down the village's streets are just some of the exciting surprise finds at your disposal. Red Hill is known for its cherries in the summer and apples in autumn and winter. Depending on the season, different fruits will be at their peak, so you're able to take your (literal) pick of the bunch.


As you drive into and around Red Hill, the tall trees form around you as if they are welcoming you with a warm hug. But you're definitely not stuck to observing nature from your car. Red Hill Station Reserve is the epicentre of Red Hill's trail network and includes more than 130 kilometres of trail that pass bushland and produce stalls. It's a great way to explore what Red Hill has to offer, but a warning that you might not be alone. Other walkers, bikers and horse riders may join you along the tracks, so don't be alarmed by the sound of clacking hooves.

It's also important to be aware of local wildlife. You may find yourself on a gravel road, with signs telling you to go 'slow please' because of little wallabies. Just one of the beautiful things about being outside of Melbourne. 


The buildings in Red Hill are a mixture of charmingly old and refreshingly new. Accommodation is no different and can give you a chance to spoil yourself that little bit more on your trip to the Mornington Peninsula. If you fancy resting in the oasis you deserve on your trip, then there's a chance for you to do just that.

Art & Shopping

Red Hill is home to the iconic Red Hill Community Market, which runs from early spring through to late autumn. Wander through the stalls and explore the various products from baked goods to homewares. The town is also home to several art galleries, where artists' talents are on show to be enjoyed.

Red Hill is deceptive. At first glance, its size may lead you to believe there's not much to do. But after sneaking down the side streets and with a little bit of investigating and planning, you'll be left wanting more. 

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