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Searoad Ferries to give Victorians a well-deserved escape with $1 million worth of free tickets

Searoad Ferries say thank you to Victorians for putting in the hard yards during lockdown by giving away $1 million worth of tickets.

With 38,484 tickets up for grabs, Searoad Ferries wants to offer Victorians the chance to enjoy the moment again – seeing a dolphin, watching the changing water, bumping into an old friend or gazing at the coastline – and feel a world away from the challenges this year has brought.

According to Searoad Ferries CEO Matt McDonald, the giveaway was motivated by a desire to bring visitors back to the region and help drive the local economy after an incredibly challenging year.

‘We are a family owned business and we know how hard it has been for Victorians during lockdown. We’ve seen the hardship faced by many local businesses who rely on tourism so wanted to do our bit and encourage as many visitors as possible to help the community spring back from an incredibly difficult time. We hope this giveaway will excite Victorians to reacquaint themselves with our beautiful state and lend a show of support to the local communities that make it up.’ said McDonald.

Victorians can pick any day, from November 23rd to travel – there are tickets for every day until 31st July 2021.Victorians are eligible for one free ticket per person and tickets are available to be booked for travel on each day from 23rd November 2020 to 31st July 2021.

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