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Summer Enchanted Artistry

The Enchanted Adventure Garden will be the site of some creative wonderment this summer. As part of our Artist in Residence Program, Gregorio Inguanti will be spray painting a live scale creative mural, featuring native birds such as Crimson Rosellas.

Greg’s passion for Australian birds is also clearly displayed through his wildlife photography, which is why we are certain this most recent addition to the Enchanted Adventure Garden is just what we have been looking for.

Greg completed an airbrushing course in 2011 and has since had a strong background in commissioned artwork including airbrushed portraits and murals.

“My interest in Art and Nature in general began when I was very young, it was directly influenced by the beautiful scenery of Mornington Peninsula, where I was fortunate enough to spend most of my childhood years.

Those interests kept growing as I did and by the time I was sixteen I was able to turn my passion into a source of income by designing graphics, murals and commissioned artworks.

The Enchanted Adventure Garden is a phenomenal place and is sure to appeal to the imagination of anyone, so as an artist I’m extremely grateful and excited to be working here.”

Greg will be working for two weeks from Boxing day, the 26th of December, at The Enchanted Adventure Garden. Visitors can watch the creative process at work.


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