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I AM the story of Peninsula Hot Springs

This geothermal bathing oasis creates an idyllic setting for rejuvenation. Hot spring pools and private baths offer a transformative experience and a place to reconnect to yourself and others while immersed in nature. Peninsula Hot Springs has plenty of space for you and your loved ones to explore, ranging from the social, family-friendly Bath House and new Amphitheatre to the adults only Spa Dreaming Centre.

Water has long been harnessed to encourage physical and emotional wellbeing. The idea first came to Founder Charles Davidson in 1992 while he was enjoying the bathing culture in Japan which he became fascinated with and wanted to develop the bathing culture in Australia. Research was soon undertaken to see where hot springs could be found. Upon his return, Charles learnt that natural hot geothermal waters had been discovered on the Mornington Peninsula back in 1979. It was a family connection to the area, an appreciation for the natural surrounds and the ideal proximity to Melbourne which helped Charles and his brother Richard Davidson make the decision to pursue exploring the site in Fingal. Years of hard work from the family followed and in 2002 they had access to the geothermal waters which were located in an aquifer 637 metres below the surface. By 2005 stage one of the Spa Dreaming Centre was opened, offering guests bathing spa treatments and dining experiences. By the end of 2009, the second stage of the vision was completed. Most recently an expansion in 2018 resulted in 7 new hot spring pools, an impressive Bath House Amphitheatre, wellness centre and fire and ice experience. Always evolving and looking at new ways to deliver wellness to their guests, Peninsula Hot Springs is a true leader in their field. The team today join Charles in his passion and are proud to be playing a part in educating visitors on global bathing culture.

At every step of the way you are connected to nature at Peninsula Hot Springs. At its core, by the thermal waters, and more broadly a connection to the peaceful bushland environment that surrounds. The healing geothermal waters come from 637m below the earth’s surface and are infused with natural minerals and trace elements which detoxify the body. The health benefits of bathing in mineral waters are well documented including improved sleep, reduction of arthritis symptoms, promoting healthy skin, and improving muscle and bone health. And there is just something about being at one with nature to help restore balance in one’s life.

It’s no secret or surprise that across the world, water therapies are contributing to the creation of wellness experiences that provide lasting physical and mental health benefits. The healing properties are often used in rehabilitation as therapists turn to mineral water spas combined with massage for illnesses such as stress and back-related injuries.

The Bath House experience has grown to provide over 50 globally-inspired bathing experiences including the cave pool, reflexology walk, Turkish steam bath (Hamam), sauna, cold plunge pools, a family bathing area, massaging thermal mineral showers and hilltop pool that offers spectacular 360-degree views over the region. This makes for the perfect social bathing experience for friends and families. While there is a showcase of globally inspired bathing experiences, there is also a strong indigenous influence and respect shown for the environment at Peninsula Hot Springs. It is this wonderful blend of culture and nature that makes a Peninsula Hot Springs experience so unique.

In 2018, the Amphitheatre was opened and is included in the Bath House admission. Here you can explore the terraced geothermal pools of the Amphitheatre; lounge around in the supersized saunas; picnic on the expansive lawns; relax in hammocks beneath the trees; indulge in a deliciously healthy menu at the newest cafe; and meander along roaming stone paths that lead through natural surrounds. With so many opportunities for both restoration and discovery, the Amphitheatre space opens a whole new world to explore. They’ve thought of the smallest details such as under water speakers for live performances, intricately carved railings and educational sign boards which help guide you through each of the experiences on offer.

Moving into the Spa Dreaming Centre you’ll enjoy tranquil spaces, private and communal pools and an array of pampering spa treatments to revitalise the body, mind and spirit. Bath House bathing is also included for all Spa Dreaming Centre guests.

Be guided on a holistic journey towards new levels of wellbeing and enrich your wellness experience with transformative activities and workshops. Deepen your experience by combining the healing waters with a range of movement and mindfulness activities to create the ultimate wellbeing experience. Enjoy a gentle yoga class, an active Pilates session, or an interactive activity like the playful Body Clay or invigorating Fire and Ice workshops. Alternatively, the new wellness retreats provide the perfect opportunity to spend half a day fully immersed in wellness. All retreats include Bath House bathing, two wellness activities, lunch with juice plus towel, robe and locker hire.

There is so much to love at Peninsula Hot Springs that will leave you feeling relaxed, recharged and re-energised. A visit gives you the chance to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and friends. The variety of spaces allows you to create your own experience; whether it’s a simple dip in the pools, a stint in the sauna, time in the deep freeze chamber or enjoying a massage. By the time you head back into your car you will already be planning your next visit.



Author: Anne-Marie