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An adventure seekers guide to great water activities

It’s not surprising that with almost ten percent of Victoria’s marine coastline, the Mornington Peninsula delivers some of the best water adventures close to Melbourne. A weekend here can be jam-packed with marine experiences; under the water, floating on top, and playing in it.

At the southern point of the Peninsula the bay has multiple marine national parks and spectacular temperate reefs filled with beautiful corals and creatures. Above the water you can see gannets diving, fur seals playing, nesting cormorants, or a pod of indigenous Burrunan dolphins riding the waves and frolicking about. There are any number of ways to enjoy your marine adventure, but make sure that you choose a qualified, accredited and experienced operator – like the ones below:

More than three decades ago, Polperro Dolphin and Seal Swims started their educational marine tours from Sorrento, and today these wildly exciting, yet gentle interactions, attract visitors from all over the world.

For more than 25 years, Moonraker Dolphin Swims have been specialising in dolphin and seal swimming and sightseeing adventures on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. In fact, they are Australia’s most awarded Eco Adventure Company!

Scuba diving with Bayplay Adventure Tours opens up a world of soft corals, rare Weedy Sea Dragons and octopus gardens. You can even meet the incredibly ornate and delicate nudibranch (pronounced ‘noo-dee-brank’) that live in the underwater aptly named Nudibranch Wall near Blairgowrie.

More up close snorkelling and diving fun can be had with Watermaarq Charters who offer a more intimate experience with a maximum of 12 guests. They can take you to Mud Island or to explore a shipwreck. You won’t be disappointed.

At Mornington Boat Hire you can hire a boat, or a stand-up paddle board, or a kayak. You can even hire a new fandangled reef board – that allows you to snorkel without getting a strand of hair wet! Imagine a cross between a raft and a massage table… but with a transparent viewing screen built in. You simply lie on it (face down) and look through the window as you float above the underwater scenery…

For those not inclined to do it all yourself, then Relax Go Fishing can do it all - bar catch the fish – for you on their fully equipped boats – complete with barbecues on board to grill the catch.

And if you just want to sail and soak up the ambience, Bayplay Adventure Tours also offer a catamaran tour of Port Phillip, complete with a bathroom and a bar!


It is no surprise that, with place surrounded by two bays and a body of ocean, there is so much more to explore on the Mornington Peninsula.

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